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Just Over The Ridge is a striking debut novel by Aud Steinfeldt that will have readers reflecting on love, loss and the healing power of nature. The story follows John Tousette, a born outdoorsman and the only child of a dysfunctional home, who works to build a life for himself on the Montana Hi-Line. He draws on his self-dependence to create a successful excavation business and a loving home with his wife, May, and son, Cally.

When a careless instant tears away something they hold dear, their carefully constructed life threatens to come toppling down. Will the Tousettes find the strength to climb out of the ruins? Find out by purchasing the novel today!

What's next?

Ever since the publication of her first novel, Aud Steinfeldt's readers have been eagerly anticipating her next release. We are proud to announce that her latest novel, Beyond A Big Sky, will be available for purchase soon.

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