Meet the Author

Get to know Aud Steinfeldt

Aud Steinfeldt has skirted the fringes of legitimate employment for a good twenty-five years. From peeling logs onsite for a mini Mcmansion outside of Telluride, to starting a custom picture frame shop with little actual knowledge or experience (which eventually worked out pretty dang well, by the grace of God!)

She sweated alongside her husband, setting up and stripping foundations, sheeting roofs, and hanging drywall until their sons got too rambunctious and she became den mother for a spell. Soon, THEY were toiling alongside Dad, and Aud was left in the proverbial dust.

Her writing "career" began at mid-life, when she realized that every story since the beginning of time will have a happy ending if a person can just get through to the real end.

Her stories and poems remind the reader that each person and situation was somehow meant to be, and is useful and beautiful in the eternal tapestry of life.

She currently resides in Montana with her husband, Todd. They're sweating side-by-side again as they build their second family home together, rediscovering the joy of partnership, while arguing over window placement/quantity.

They hope this will be a happily-ever-after retreat for their five grown kids and all their accompanying kiddies. And any other dear friend or family member who loves a great view of the Crazies and the bugling of elks.

The body of work

Books by Aud Steinfeldt:

  • Just Over the Ridge
  • The Crow, the Tree, and Me
  • Beyond a Big Sky (now released!)

    Poems Available for Cards & Journals
    • Americans
    • Pickup
    • Dancing Flames
    • Beggar Wind
    • My Montana
    • Big Sky
    • Keep Me Montana
    • The West
    • Mountain Mockery
    • The Crazies
    • Heaven Bound
    • Always West
    • Montana Epic
    • Timber Felled
    • Who Am I?
    • Milkweed Down
    • First Love's Eye
    • Find Joy
    • Alone and Apart
    • Restless Arms
    • The All
    • Saddle up the Mustangs
    • Armory
    • Gusty Might
    • Of Night
    • House of Lost Souls
    • My Masterpiece
    • Haven
    • River
    • How Love Goes
    • The Sky is the Same
    • Marriage
    • Mountain Bluebird
    • Rainy Morning Decision
    • Dandy Fine
    • My You
    • Your Beautiful
    • You
    • Found and Lost
    • No Redemption
    • Young Buck
    • Hello!
    • My Masterpiece
    • First Day
    • Lighting the Sun
    • Manifest
    • Go Down Living
    • Abandon Sky
    • Goodbye Summer
    • Dawn

    Other Poems by Aud Steinfeldt:

    • The Crow, the Tree, and Me
    • Once I
    • Why Dentists are Like God
    • Anonymous Visitor
    • Words for the Uninitiated
    • Teamwork