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Get to know Aud Steinfeldt

The first story I wrote (and illustrated) was called My Dog Clementine, and it was selected for publication in the national children's magazine, Stone Soup. That event spurred the author in my eight-year-old bones, and from then on, I have always dealt with the world around me using pen and paper.

It was my husband, Todd, who encouraged me to sit a spell and write an actual novel back in 2012. Three years later, Just Over the Ridge was released. It was an excruciating process, writing that book. Not the storyline, character development, or relaying of action, but the writing-the process of painting a lovely picture in the reader's mind.

I decided to take a break from my second novel to focus on writing poetry- something that I thought might help me write more lyrically-and soon, Down Home on the Yellowstone was born. I create cards, journals, and art with my poems. Our love of wood and found objects makes every poetry piece truly one-of-a-kind. The wonderful thing about a poem is that each reader sees and takes what they need from it. A poem is able to so quickly enter a person's heart & mind.

Subsequently, Beyond a Big Sky, my second and newest novel, was much more enjoyable for me to write! And hopefully, the prose itself is as enjoyable to the reader as the storyline.

As in most of my work, the need to reconcile human problems and behaviors is very much present in Beyond a Big Sky.

My belief in God, (and humanity, resilience, redemption) is the driving force behind my craft.

I also love humor, adventures, and kids, hence, I wrote and illustrated The Crow, the Tree, and Me. It's a hoot to read, and super fun to listen to!

I am currently camping out with my hubby as we build our new off-grid home. I have a third novel started-just sitting in a file waiting to be tended to. It promises to be my best and new favorite.

The body of work

Books by Aud Steinfeldt:

  • Just Over the Ridge
  • The Crow, the Tree, and Me
  • Beyond a Big Sky (now released!)

    Poems Available for Cards & Journals
    • Americans
    • Pickup
    • Dancing Flames
    • Beggar Wind
    • My Montana
    • Big Sky
    • Keep Me Montana
    • The West
    • Mountain Mockery
    • The Crazies
    • Heaven Bound
    • Always West
    • Montana Epic
    • Timber Felled
    • Who Am I?
    • Milkweed Down
    • First Love's Eye
    • Find Joy
    • Alone and Apart
    • Restless Arms
    • The All
    • Saddle up the Mustangs
    • Armory
    • Gusty Might
    • Of Night
    • House of Lost Souls
    • My Masterpiece
    • Haven
    • River
    • How Love Goes
    • The Sky is the Same
    • Marriage
    • Mountain Bluebird
    • Rainy Morning Decision
    • Dandy Fine
    • My You
    • Your Beautiful
    • You
    • Found and Lost
    • No Redemption
    • Young Buck
    • Hello!
    • My Masterpiece
    • First Day
    • Lighting the Sun
    • Manifest
    • Go Down Living
    • Abandon Sky
    • Goodbye Summer
    • Dawn

    Other Poems by Aud Steinfeldt:

    • The Crow, the Tree, and Me
    • Once I
    • Why Dentists are Like God
    • Anonymous Visitor
    • Words for the Uninitiated
    • Teamwork